Crunchy winter salad

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If there is something that defines me clearly is my passion for crunchy things. Something crunchy in a dish or in a dessert brings out a spark, means surprise, texture, contrast and why not, taste. Not so many days ago I had dinner in a restaurant but I didn´t get excited with the dinner and I didn´t really knew why. I found out the reason when I came back home: all the dishes were too soft and without textures.

If you are used to eat mostly soft food and you suddenly crave for chips or cookies or breadsticks, you might need crunchy food!

The vegetable world offers us a huge variety of products which have an innate crispy texture in its natural state. For example, something as typical of this autumn time as the pomegranate can become the queen of the versatility because it is a crunchy item that also explodes in the mouth and releases its juice. Incredible. The carrot is maybe the easiest vegetable to incorporate in the daily crunchy world, but anyway the alternatives are endless in the raw version: beetroot, celery, broccoli, celery, pepper, zucchini, cabbage, cucumber…as well as the fruits that are also rich in very different textures.


This recipe is a simple union of vegetables and green apple. The green apple is the genuine spark. It is crunchy as well as sour. The sourness is definitely another element that can amazingly enhance any dish, if dosed appropriately. I always say that a salty dish without a sour touch is like a sweet dish without a salty touch.


I would advise you to cut the vegetables with a mandolin slicer so that the cuts of every ingredient are always the same. The pieces don´t need to be as thin as smoking papers because in that case, you will lose the crunchy texture we are looking for in each of the items



I haven´t thought of a particular dressing because when I made it for the first time, I only used a little bit of lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. In this way, I wasn´t altering any flavour and I was able to keep the simplicity of the dish.

A few days later, it occurred to me that maybe a note of celery would go along well with the fennel and the green apple, but that is something I leave on the hands of whoever wants to try it. And also the possibility of using fennel sprouts. That´s all.

In another post, I will talk about how easy is to cultivate your sprouts in a little bit of soil. They are life in its purest state, taste and aesthetics all in one.



half cauliflower

1 green apple (if it is not organic, peel it although that is shame because of its beautiful BUY IT ORGANIC!)

5 small radishes

half fennel bulb

strings of dulse seaweed

a quarter of a pomegranate

green sprouts or micro greens

olive oil

lemon juice

salt and pepper


  1. De-kernel the pomegranate and let it aside in a bowl.
  2. Cut all the vegetables and the apple in thin layers.
  3. In a plate or in a bowl (better if it is beautiful and with a dark color because it will look pretty set against the whiteness of the ingredients) alternate the fennel, apple, cauliflower and the small radishes. Add the strings of seaweed, the pomegranate and the sprouts. Make sure that the setting of the dish looks beautiful.
  4. Add a drop of lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper to your liking.
  5. Enjoy every bite of it!

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